Born in Liverpool England, 1954

Studied at the Vancouver Island School of Arts, and UVic

I am a Life Long Learner and mult-faceted artist.  I have learned that it would limit my creatvity to only focus on one media.  I have trained in not just photographic arts, but also in pencil drawing, painting in acrylic, water colour, charcoal.


I live on Vancouver Island in Victoria, BC Canada which is known as being one of the most beautiful outdoor places on earth.  Our island is home to one of the worlds biggest Boreal Forests.

My specialty is with Outdoor Photography, focusing on what is beautiful in this world.  It could include the forest trees, floor, mountains, waterfalls, wildlife.  Often, traipsing through the world (footslogging), with my faithful dog Pepper.

From my images, i create art that has been nominated for awards by the Victoria Camera Club, or presented in the halls of Government buildings.

My human portraits include both studio, and on location shoots, such as a winter outdoor wedding in the Yukon, or head shots for Realtors in-house.

Please feel free to contact me directly for commissioned photo shoots, so i can bring my creativity to you.

Jennifer Carlstrom

Footslog Fotography

Victoria, BC

Ntl Bus Nbr: 75779 1470 BC0001


jennifer carlstrom